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I make a great gift! :-)

Our Story

The roots of San Diego Republic go all the way back to ancient Greece. Well, sort of . . .

Our company was founded in 2014 by two longtime San Diegans, Constance Carroll and Martha Barnette, who met because of a shared interest in ancient Greek. (Constance has a Ph.D. in the subject, and Martha has studied the language for years.)

As it happens, they're also passionate about pandas, and they both love living and working in sunny San Diego, California, home to the San Diego Zoo and its adorable pandas. Mix all that together, toss in a nod to the state flag, and what do you get? A handsome T-shirt that combines the best of the cuddly, black-and-white bears and the place we like to call "America's Finest City."

A portion of our proceeds go to support wildlife and environmental causes, such as San Diego Coastkeeper.

Take a look around and take something home! 

Constance Carroll, President

Constance is chancellor of the San Diego Community College District, a multi-college organization that serves 130,000 students.  She was an administrator at two universities, and president of three community colleges before becoming CEO of the San Diego District. An author and speaker, she also is active on a number of nonprofit boards and organizations, both locally and nationally. Constance is also the artist who drew the images featured by San Diego Republic. 


Martha Barnette, Vice-President

Here's the VP

Martha is a longtime journalist and co-host of the nationally syndicated public-radio show A Way With Words. Before radio, she was a reporter for two newspapers, and the author of three reader-friendly books about word origins. She's now a popular public speaker. In her spare time, she can be found hiking the mountain trails around San Diego, performing improv comedy, and of course, visiting her neighbors Bai Yun, Gao Gao, and Xiao Liwu.


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