Why "SAN DIEGO REPUBLIC"? Why Pandas? 

You've seen the California state flag with the grizzly bear. Now celebrate sunny San Diego and its adorable giant pandas with these handsome, 100% cotton T-shirts. Perfect for wearing to the beach or around town, or giving as a gift to your favorite panda fan!

Uniquely Designed

What's black-and-white and worn all over? Why, it's the panda on a San Diego Republic Tee. Only four cities in the U.S. are lucky enough to be home to giant pandas, and sunny San Diego is one of them. In fact, on of the city's most popular tourist attractions is the panda exhibit at the world-famous San Diego Zoo

The Perfect Gift

Picture the panda lover in your life in one of these one-of-a-kind T-shirts. They'll make a great souvenir of your visit--the perfect gift for panda fans, visitors, as well as former and future San Diegans. 

Get your T-shirt today!

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